A Brief Guide to Hip Hop Jewelry

As soon as you start thinking about hip-hop, numerous artists can come to your mind. At the same time, all of them feature different lyrical styles and tones, while a single thing unites them, and that is jewelry.

It is vital to enter here, which will help you learn how to create jewelry by yourself, which is a great thing to know.

Considering how much success and fame most mainstream rappers have, people wish to look like them today. Since their styles are unmatched, because some chains are worth a few million dollars, you can also find jewelry that will provide you the same enjoyment for a lower price tag.

Reasons to Wear Jewelry

For a long time, jewelry was a female-specific accessory. However, in recent years, men started experimenting with specific pieces. We are now transitioning into a society where gender represents much more than already established stereotypes. That way, you can express yourself in any way you want based on your preferences.

Wearing shirts, shoes, and pants can help you create a style and perspective, but you should implement a combination of things you can wear. After a while, you may feel bored and stale, so wearing the same outfit will not be enjoyable. That is why you should experiment and choose different options.

Besides, wearing jewelry is a perfect way to present your status and wealth. Therefore, numerous hip-hop artists will drop hundreds of thousands on pendants, especially to represent themselves in front of other rappers and fans. They also wear bracelets, iced-out chains, and rings that can create significant respect.

Finally, wearing jewelry is the easiest way to add something to your identity, making you appear. You can create a unique appearance. You can choose a wide array of customization options that way. Since you will have numerous variations, you can find something that will represent your personality, which is vital factor to remember.

Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2iUbCMUvE0 to learn everything about wearing bling like favorite hip-hop artists.


Wearing bling has numerous advantages, especially if you wish to start small because you have never done it before. Rings are essential accessories that can create a significant impact and leave an impression, while they are small and will not stay in front of your personality and looks.

However, it is vital to keep up with trends, which is why you should read the latest design magazines about fashion and appearance. Due to the pandemic, fashion trends are heading towards bulky and oversized pieces that can stand out from others.

That is why you should get fully iced out rings with a single-carat gem that serves as the centerpiece. That way, you will grab attention around you and present yourself as a hip-hop fashion trendsetter.

At the same time, you can wear a few rings, including thumb and pinky ones. Rappers, in most cases, go all out on rings because they are transparent while holding up microphones.

Bracelets and Watches

You should know hand accessories are perfect, especially if you wish to pair rings with other jewelry, such as a watch or bracelet. That way, you can complete your appearance because wearing a ring can seem unbalanced in some situations.

When choosing a bracelet, you should also consider the entire outfit. For instance, if you do not wear earrings and necklaces, you can be as accessible as possible while choosing the best piece for your needs.

The main reason for that is that most hip-hop bracelets feature similar chain links as necklaces, meaning they come in pairs. The main idea is to match them up, especially if you decide to wear them both. Generally, wearing hip hop jewelry is essential for keeping up with the style of your favorite rappers, which is vital to remember.

Everything depends on the style you wish to perfect and personal preferences. Another essential aspect for a wrist is a watch because it can offer you high-class and icy appearance as a bracelet will increase its functionality. Since they come with large surface areas, you can deck them with gems or diamonds.


As a man, wearing jewelry is the best action you can take, especially if you wish to look more like hip hop icons and favorite rappers. The best thing to remember is to read the latest fashion magazines and blog posts, which will inform you about potential trend changes that may happen.

Author: Stephen J. Lane

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