How should your Oxford shirt fit?

Named after a top UK university

Softer than a dress shirt, and slightly more formal than weekend wear, the Oxford shirt bridges that all important gap between smart and casual. It has its roots in 19th century Scotland, where mills tried and tested different weaves. Four of these new fabrics went on to be named after the world’s top universities – Harvard, Yale and Oxford and Cambridge.

Three of these have since disappeared from the clothing scene, but the Oxford cloth remains, thanks to Brooks Brothers, one of the USA’s most renowned brands. It was around the 1890s that John E. Brooks noted how polo players in England pinned their collars down during matches. Brooks then went on to develop a shirt of a similar nature.

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The Oxford shirt, in one word, is versatile, but it’s important to achieve that perfect fit, when the collar touches the skin right around the neck, but isn’t pressed uncomfortably against it, leaving red marks. The true test is – if you can fit your finger around your neck, then the collar is much too loose.

Perfect fit will not pull

Similarly, if the seam prevents the man rotating his arm, then the chest area is too tight. It’s too loose if the seam is showing further down the arm. A perfectly fitting shirt will rest gently around the chest area and not pull on the buttons. The piece should be streamlined down each side, skimming the body, and there should be no excess material on display. The sleeves should also cover the wrists. Men seeking to purchase a new Oxford shirt can select an item among the large range of mens designer shirts from sites such as They are still very much on trend and can be worn in a variety of settings.

According to Esquire Magazine, Ryan Reynolds swapped his dress shirt for a classy Oxford shirt recently, and added a simple white t-shirt underneath – and his shirt looks to be a perfect fit for the occasion.

Whether choosing a shirt for a wedding or an item for dressing down day at the office, the important element to remember is the fit. It will make the difference between perfection and looking a little unkempt. You will know when it’s a good fit, so follow your own instincts.

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